Tomorrow marks three weeks before Sunny is due. It seems like the pregnancy has gone by so fast and we still have so much to do to get ready! We've decided to name him Hyrum Joseph, after my two grandfathers, not to mention some not to subtle ties to Church history. Hopefully we won't get too many chuckles when we bless him! Sunny is finally starting to feel pregnant, which I think is a good thing (and about time). We just started taking a prenatal class from a lady in our ward over at the hospital and it's been great so far.

Part of our preparation for getting ready for Hyrum's arrival has been our need to get an new car. We've been looking around for a while and FINALLY found something we liked in our price range. It's a 2004 Hyundai Accentand we found it just in time for Sunny's birthday. It was the sales associate's first day on the job and excited to sell her first car. We went to pick it up today and found out that she had been accosted by someone at the dealership. She's this tiny lady in her 50s and some "customer" put her in a headlock while her fellow salesmen looked on. It's really becoming such a strange world, huh?