This last Saturday we had some unexpected time at home and Derek suggested we clean the house. We'd talked earlier about adjusting Hyrum's chore chart to include chores that he can get paid for. We thought it would help him begin to understand the value of money and then start paying his little bit of tithing to learn that principle. It all started with picking up toys. Then we wrote up chores we thought Hyrum could do or help with and put them on popcicle sticks and in a pint jar.

The first one he picked was "dishes". This job required assistance from Dad. And a raincoat...

Dad makes EVERYTHING fun

Noah wanted to get in on the action too at first
As soon as he got near the bubbles he took a handful and stuffed it in his mouth...that didn't go over too well.

Later, seeing all the excitement he wanted to join in the fun but got caught in the cross fire. He wasn't as excited about it after that.
By the end Hyrum was so drenched that he ditched his shirt and did the rest of his cleaning half naked.

The next stick was bathroom ( which included cleaning up and washing the mirror, and wiping the sink and around the toilet just with water)

He also did some vacuuming and dusting too. At the end of the day he had 2 dollars and a date with the dollar store, his eye on a Superman book.

Then on Monday as you might guess our Family Home Evening lesson was on....Tithing!

Dad doling out the smarties money

Hyrum really seemed to get it. Especially when the windows of heaven were opened.

Then we got out the pennies and did the same object lesson. Didn't go over as well. When Dad asked him to give him a penny he said " But they're mine!" but he ultimately was convinced to do it and again the windows of heaven opened up. He was excited about that

Noah got in on it too

But we had to watch him closer.

After Family Home Evening when we were having our treat we had chocolate chips in a bowl and Derek asked if Hyrum would give him one and he said " Sure Daddy, that's tithing " We laughed and when he asked for another and he said "No daddy, I already gave you the tithing"

Guess the next lesson will have to be on sharing. :) Again.

The other day I was listening to the cult classic "Teach me how to Jimmer" and even though my boys don't really know who he is...they know how to cut a rug. I couldn't resist.

Are you seeing my son's killer moves?

And today we teach the boys basketball as we watch Jimmer Fredette and BYU take on Florida in the sweet sixteen of the NCAA tournament. Tough game...we'll see how we do. Hopefully BYU is wearing white or we're going to have a tough time explaining why the "good guys" are wearing dark blue and the "bad guys" are wearing white

Most of the time when Hyrum draws I get abstract art. Colorful, swirly and intellectually challenging. :)

These are some of my favorites.

Then one day he brings me this. A portrait of his Momma! ( Pretty good one if I do say so myself)

He told me he wanted to draw a heart on it because he loves me (heart MELTER). I drew one and then he did ( in green ) we might need to work on his shapes.

Then came this one. A portrait of his Daddy. I thought it was great that he drew his nose red, when he drew it Derek was sick but I don't know if Hyrum made the connection.

After these portraits came a self portrait and a portrait of his little brother who had a marker in his mouth at the time.

The artist with his work. He really gets into his art. It's a good thing it's washable marker.