It took me a long time to finish that last blog post and while I was working on it there were many events that took place.

Hyrum got a REAL bed. No more laying on a floor mattress anymore. He's hit the big time. It ended up being smaller a big time than he was originally thinking but we'll get there. We wanted to get a bunk bed for Hyrum's bed because having two boys we knew we'd eventually need them. There was a killer sale at a local store and so after dinner one Friday we went to look at it. We decided to buy it ( it was more than 50% off mind you and you know I like a deal) but hadn't figured on how to get it home in our compact car. So Noah and I ended up kicking it at the store while Hyrum and Noah took the box home then they came back to get us. We were just too excited not to put it up that night. The boys got right to work.

( Can you tell that Hyrum needed to use the bathroom?)

It was past Hyrum's bedtime when we got done but he was dismayed that he wasn't sleeping on the top bunk. That is exactly why we didn't build it...yet. There's got to be something for Noah to help Dad make too, right?

(Half) finished product with a Happy Hyrum inside.

We also got a chance to see calisthenics with Hyrum.

Pretty classic. We thought it was great. I could totally do boot camp with Hyrum.

Noah got his first bubble bath

He was so interested in Hyrum's bubble bath one night that we put him on the edge to feel the bubbles on his feet. Noah had something else in mind because he kept throwing his hips forward trying to get in. We let most of the water out and put him in. He thought it was great. And Hyrum did too.

Noah also got his first taste of warm ripe nectarine from our tree.

I was eating one and he kept grabbing at it ( as he does with MOST things we eat) so I gave him a taste. I didn't get it back. After that I'd just throw a quarter slice in the mesh feeder and let him go to town.

I'd say he's a fan.

This is just a random picture. Doesn't Noah have the cutest tiniest lips known to man. I love him!

This post is nearly 7 months in the making. Ever since Noah was born I've been documenting my boys relationship. Maybe it's because I love my sisters so much but I've wanted my boys to be friends and it warms my heart to see them loving each other.

It all began with a kick. That's when Hyrum discovered that life was going to get more interesting soon.

Then came the day when they met

And a big brother was born

Then Noah came home

And Hyrum found out a little about what it meant to be a big brother. It means you hold your little brothers...

And little brothers hold your finger

(Would you look at Hyrum's face...connection.)

It means you give them hugs...

and sing to them

( That would be...
"Baby mine don't you cry...
rest your heart
close to my eyes
Never to part
baby of mine")

and share your toys with them

and be silly together

and watch out for your brother

But Noah also learned a little about big brothers. That big brothers are a little crazy.

( this needs a bit of explanation...the first picture I was just taking a picture of Noah smiling...just as I snapped the picture Hyrum jumped in and the second picture taken a few seconds later shows Noah's reaction )

And big brothers do things that you sometimes don't understand

But big brothers also protect you.

When they are at a safe distance they can make you smile. ( No I don't know why Hyrum is half naked)

They are way too excited to give you things that you don't want.

But sometimes, just sometimes they come up with some really fun games.

And when you pay attention they do amazing things.( Again no idea why Hyrum is naked)

And they hook you up with delicious treats your parents won't let you have.

Noah started to like having a big brother.

(I promise you he can breathe and is smiling)

Of course they both love having the dad that they do.

As much as Hyrum regularly tells me he wants to throw ME in the garbage he's never said that he wants to throw Noah in the garbage or anything of the sort. In fact Hyrum always reminds me not to forget Baby Noah and when Noah is another room he says"Come on Momma, Baby Noah is often alone!" (thank's to "The Giving Tree") They are friends and they love being brothers.

I can't wait to see how these boys interact in the coming years. I'm sure Hyrum will teach Noah all kinds of things. For better or for worse. But they are brothers and that's what brothers do.

We had Hyrum's first day of preschool today. It's just with me and three other mom's in the neighborhood and just for an hour and a half two times a week but I was so thunder struck that my baby was starting school. I saw his life pass before my eyes in a flash. It was the beginning of letting him go. I did not see that coming. Hyrum wasn't really very excited about it because I don't think he has any concept of what school is. But I posed him in front of the door with his back pack and snapped some crazy pictures anyway.

The door is leaning this way in this picture and

That way in this one.

My world was spinning. Not only was it Hyrum's first day of preschool but mine too. I'm teaching it this week.

I was SOOOO nervous. But it turned out great. (other than Hyrum being a stinker much of the time) We had fun and the kids loved the letter crackers. We flew like Airplanes crawled like Ants chomped like Alligators and bounced like Astronauts. Hyrum continued to play the "AHHHHH!!" "A" game I thought up for the rest of the night.

I'd printed letter "A's" and taped them up on the walls around the house and when they found them they were to bring them to me saying ( or screaming ) "AHHHHH!" Which of course is what "A" says. I think this year will be fun but I am EXHAUSTED! Teachers don't get paid enough.