So ever since Derek graduated from school my birthday has been a big deal....meaning I got a big present. Maybe it was because my birthday seemed to always be in the week of finals when he was in school. But knowingly or not I seem to often get really big things for my birthday.

It all began with a NEW CAR

Not bad right?

Then came the year of the central air

Finally we had air conditioning that we could turn on and not break the bank an there was the added benefit of it actually cooling ALL parts of the the same time and without the use of fans to do so.

Then of course there was this year with the back yard being finished.

I thought it couldn't get better than that

I was wrong.

This next year the tradition will continue with a BIG gift for me.

Yep. I'm due on my birthday. Granted, no one, especially me, is planning on a baby on my birthday but it will probably be near it...and that counts in my book.

This pregnancy has already been different than the other two. And kinda the same too. I've had moments of things tasting so good that I couldn't stay quiet a la Hyrum and I've had moments of yucky and constant tired a la Noah. But I don't really have many cravings this time around just sometimes I'll start eating something and before I know it it's gone or I've eaten 3. Three bowls of salad, three containers of yogurt or pudding. All kinds of fun. And as always it was a bit of a shock to see the ultrasound image of a little person. I'm always afraid that they'll tell me I'm not in fact pregnant, I tend to forget myself.

Now we'll see how many people are still reading my blog.