This weekend was a party every day almost. It all started on Friday night with a wonderful baby shower for future baby boy Tangren thrown by wonderful cousins. They asked me a few months ago if they could throw me a shower but this being my third boy I thought it was unnecessary if not gratuitous. They persisted and it was such a fun night. I was nervous because Derek was going to be camping with 12 and 13 year old boys and wouldn't be around to entertain children. We had a bit more kid involvement than we would have had but they all had fun and so did we. It was just great to get together with all of my besties and enjoy a night. I don't do girls night out...ever, so it was fun.

We played a game where we drew babies on plates while they were on our heads and I chose the winner.

Then we played a game where we held pennies between our knees while we walked to cups in the kitchen to drop them in with balloons under our shirts.

Everyone was so generous.

I have the best friends!

The next day was Noah's 2nd birthday friend party. I had to make it up to him this year since we were so lame last year. But at the same time I wanted some ease so we limited the list ( not that he really has any other friends than these and they are really Hyrum's friends that like to play with him too) and tried to make it simple.

It was of course a 'Cars' party. I took Hyrum ( and Noah) to get the party decorations and party favors which was more than I bargained for because Hyrum is all about party planning and he wanted to get every last thing they had. Since it was at the dollar store there wasn't too much damage though.

We started off with a game where each person drew the best car they could on a brown paper bag and Noah chose which one he liked the best. Hyrum was not chosen...cue the tantrum. But really is it a party until someone throws a fit? Not in my house. :)

Then it was time for pizza and Kool aid through silly straws. Derek got home during that part. I sent him off to take a shower while we ate pizza. Then we played "Musical Pit stop" ( musical chairs) I prepped for another melt down when Hyrum was eliminated but it never came. Whew! Then they opened thier goody bags and played with their toys a bit.

Then started "Operation wear them all out" and we headed to "Jumping Jacks". Everywhere they went it was Tyler, Hyrum then Alan. Everywhere, and all of the time.

Noah and Derek were joined at the hip too.

I just ran around taking pictures and keeping track of where everyone was. I didn't think they wanted a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman jumping around. No one wants to see that.

They all ran and climbed and slid and jumped for nearly two hours. By the end they were feeling it a bit.

We went home to have cake and ice cream.

I loved the cake.

At one point in my life I had great intentions to make my children's cakes when it didn't happen with Hyrum's first birthday it derailed the rest of my ambition.

Then they just wanted to play for a bit then we opened gifts

and we were about to go out back to play red light green light when the boys' mom came. Noah instantly thought he was going to their house to play since we did that ONCE and now he thinks it happens every time. But she did end up taking all of the boys to the park to play for a bit longer. A great time was had by all.

(Sure sign of a good time! Falling asleep while eating cake)

Monday was Noah's actual birthday which he shared with the Presidents this year. We had thoughts of doing something as a family for Noah's birthday but thought his birthday fulfiled the event aspect of his birthday and decided to do something else momentous for his birthday... bust out the bunk beads.

We realized that we probably needed another mattress after we started getting everything ready and set off to find one.

After driving around for about a half an hour it seemed for a matress store that had gone out of business we remembered the mom and pop furniture store in town Vaud Hanks and Sons and went there. They were having a sale to boot and the boys and I headed home to get things ready while Derek loaded up the matress in our Plymouth Neon (yeah, that's how we roll) to bring it home. Well come to find out that we don't remember how we got Hyrum's mattress into that car when we got it a couple of years ago and he couldn't seem to get it into the car. Vaud Hanks, owner of the store, was out there and threw Derek the keys to his personal truck to get it home. Derek was shocked. Service like this is dying. We both agreed that we'd be willing to pay a little more at a place like this for the personal service we got.

Then all the boys started putting together the bunk beds. The little boys LOVED helping drill and work the allen wrench. They each got their turn.

Noah was dismayed that he couldn't be on the top bunk. But after letting him be up there for a little while with our constant supervision and letting him know in no uncertain terms that we only lay down up there the mystique was gone and he was content to be on his bunk. Especially when he opened his presents and got a "Cars' comforter.

After Skyping with grandparents and opening up more presents the boys had a tough time going to bed but they've quickly adjusted to their new beds and it's working well.

( First time in a forward sitting carseat )

Happy Birthday littler man! We just can't get enough of you!!