About every other year I realize that my hair has just gotten too long and chop it all off. Most of the time I donate it but this time it was highlighted so I couldn't. I don't know why I don't think to cut it when before it becomes three feet long but I don't so here's the latest chop! :)

Yeah I know you can't really see it but seeing a picture that close of yourself is miserable. And my arms are only so long. :)

When my parents got here my mom was dismayed at how dark my hair was so the next day we went off to get it highlighted and the beautician styled it a way I'd never done it before.

That's one of the funnest things about getting your hair done is the different ways they style it. Sometimes you want to go right home and wash your hair and do it again and other times you find a new style. I liked this but have never had that many hair products in my hair at one time...EVER. So I doubt I'll be doing my hair like this very much.

I've been lamenting how fast Hyrum is growing up. But I've decided that this time goes so fast that I can't waste anymore time on longing for the cuddles and coos of the past. I just need to savor the present. This is why I love this age...

I don't have to carry him up the stairs
He can just walk up himself

In fact he climbs up on everything...
And he can get his own milk
And he can get his own mail
But he is yet to do his own dishes.

He makes the best sounds when he has a big drink.
Doesn't that sound refreshing? :) LOVE IT!!

He's figured out how to blow out candles. He'll be ready for his second birthday! That's for sure.

He's all boy and loves his diggers! We watched the construction on our street every day.
He does this when you tell him to smile. His 18 month pictures should be interesting...
Yep! I'll take this age! There is so much more he's doing that he won't do on camera so stay tuned for future posts. Until then....


Hyrum has been OBSESSED with candles these days. Every morning when he wakes up the first thing he wants to do is light the candles. He smells them and then tries to blow them out. He holds out his hand emphatically and screams some crazy thing that changes slightly every time he says it. Then when you say "Candle?" he smiles and sighs. It's so cute so I was trying to get a video of it. But of course when I got the camera he wouldn't do it. Then all of a sudden he just started a love affair with the camera you can watch it's succession.

It started with hello...

Then he went in for the kill....

Even a tantrum was no match for his love for the camera...

So maybe this is only funny to us but I thought I'd share. :)

The boxes that got me thinking!

This year I've just wanted to decorate for fall like it's 1799! I want corn stalks, indian corn, pumpkins and whatever...All homegrown. I don't know if you would call it country, old school or just quaint but I'm all about it this year. Maybe it's because I had a garden this year...

Close up of the corn

I thought it was cute to have three little indian corn and three little pumpkins. Not only is it better design wise but it could represent the three of us. Fun and festive! I have to hand it to my muse in this endeavor. My darling artist, domestic goddess, garden fairy, and Harley honey friend Cristall. :)