It's my sister's birthday today and I wanted to honor her with a post...unfortunately I was too busy to get a gift off to her. She's got all the Scentsy scents she could ever want for spring and summer anyway. I guess I'll just have to send her the gift in the fall. ;)

I've already listed many reasons why I love Holly but this time I'll do a little acrostic poem for my sister. (And yes I had to look that up)

H- Happy
O - Out of Control!
L - Loves her family
L - Loves my little man
Y - "YELLO!" Is how she answers the phone

{ She totally made this hat for Hy from the bottom of a sweater}
C - Creative and crafty
E - Easy to talk to
L - Loves my little man
E - Everybody loves Holly
S - SOOOO busy!
T - Testimony is strong
E - Eats fry sauce wherever she can get it

W - Wants to be a professional photographer
A - Alters sewing patterns that don't even have patterns. And they turn out great!!
D - Doesn't eat anything with milk in it.
S - Scentsy lover!
W - Wants me to live next door :)
O - Optimistic
R - Really in love with her hubby
T - Talented in so many ways
H - Has discovered her love for Disneyworld

A - Absolutely FABULOUS
V - Very generous
E - Encouraging
R - Really doesn't like trains
Y - You are my best friend!! :)

We love you Holly! Happy Birthday big Sis!

After three long weeks of painting and changing fixtures and locking Hyrum behind gates and putting him in front of a video TOO MANY TIMES, and culminating with him finally breaking down our precautions and eating paint...WE ARE FINISHED PAINTING AND CHANGING THE HOUSE....for the moment. :)

I tried to take pictures from the same angle I took them in the before pictures but since I didn't always succeed I'll put them side by side to compare.

Dang! That doesn't look as different as it does in real life. Hummm.
Again I don't think it really does it justice how different it looks but minimally I think you can see how much more the color of the carpet pops with the different paint color and the white baseboards.

And we changed this
for this!
This was probably the most noticeable change...

You can also see that we put 2 inch blinds in all of the upstairs windows. And the closet doors were drying from being painted. That precise painting was really hard to conceal.

Again doesn't look as different in the picture as it does in real life ( at least I think ).

When we started to look at painting the rooms we began to realize why they changed the color of the walls where they did. The corners in the house are rounded therefore there is no definite place to change the color. My dad gave us a really good idea that I think works better than changing color in the middle of walls.

Can you see where we changed it? It kinda looks like a shadow. That's the genius of it all! We just played off where the shadow fell and then changed the color there. I think it is perfect! It's been fun to realize how light changes color of paint as we've been looking at walls and corners differently. Dad you should be an interior designer! THANK YOU!!!

Next of the transformation in progress!!