This last Saturday my friend hosted an hot dog party sponsored by Oscar Meyer. I don't know where she finds these things but she found this site online where you can sign up to host a house party where different companies will sponsor them. She made these adorable invitations...

and when the time came she went to the store and picked up a TON of hot dogs with coupons to get them for FREE! After realizing that there was the potential of 40 people showing up she asked ( after I offered ) me to bring a salad. It was soo much fun. They had all kinds of fun water activities for the kids.

A slip and slide

A kiddie pool at the bottom of a kiddie slide

But my water phobic kid kicked it at the water table

We did eventually get him down the slide

But he spent most of his time on the smaller kiddie slide with an even smaller kiddie pool at the bottom with little to no water in it. In his defense the water was really cold.

It was a good time. Thanks Oscar Meyer.
( all the kids were sent home with Frisbees, whistles and soft baseballs emblazoned with Oscar Meyer)

On Sunday the Thrill of the Grill continued when Derek received new grill tools and ate a grill themed dessert for Fathers day.

Yes I made that. It took longer than I thought it would but it had more to do with bad planning than difficulty. But it was so fun. ALMOST makes me want to make birthday cakes for my kids.

Welcome summer!

Growing up, my dad would sing me and my sisters to sleep. Our favorite song that he sang was 'Goodnight my love'. So when I had my first little bundle I began to sing the same to him. I never really thought about him learning it but a few months before I had my second bundle I heard Hyrum singing it to himself as he played. It warmed my heart.

So tonight as Derek and I were putting Hyrum down and Noah was happily laying beside him ( he insists on it ) we noticed that Noah was falling asleep and Hyrum began to sing to him.

Goodnight my love
the tired on it is descending
Goodnight my love
Your cheeks....are so squishy!

He does have squishy cheeks! :) That's not part of the song and he's never said that before!

Here are the actual words ( as far as I can remember them ) to the 'Goodnight my love' my Dad sang to me.

Goodnight my love

Goodnight my love
the tired old moon is descending
Goodnight my love
My moment with you now is ending

It was so heavenly
holding you
close to me
It will be heavenly
to hold you again in my dreams

The stars above
have promised to meet us tomorrow
'till then, my love
How lonely the new day will be

So for the present dear
We'll have to part
Goodnight, my love
Sleep tight, my love
Remember that you're my sweetheart

Aww! I miss my DAD! :)

Hyrum's birthday sneaked up on me this year. In previous years I'd had themes and party games planned out at least two weeks in advance although the invitations got to the recipients later and later. But this year it was the day before his birthday and I hadn't a clue of what we would even do. As it got closer I was talking to a friend and she already had the theme for her daughters birthday party three months away and even ideas for her other daughters birthday 6 months away. I started to feel guilty and began to think of something that we could do. But I really didn't want to do a big party with tons of kids like we'd done in past years ( especially since I was throwing this together las minute ) so we just contacted one of Hyrum's friends and looked for a good time to do it. It turned out they weren't really available until the end of the month. Which in hindsight was a really good thing because we'd all been sick in between his birthday and the 29th.

Hyrum has been all about jumping on things lately, most specifically and unfortunately, the couch which we've told him time and time again not to do.

We've totally given him mixed messages, I admit. But regardless we decided to go to a place called Jumpin Jacks close by our house that has big inflatable toys to jump and slide on. We reserved a room to have cake and ice cream in to make it feel a little more like a party.

We had a Cookie Monster cake that Hyrum insisted on.

(Kinda scary really)

And present opening by committee. It was just the two of them and Hyrum didn't mind the help.

We had the kids play for a half an hour before cake and ice cream which was good since they had a chance to get a taste for it and then warm up to it during cake and ice cream. Hyrum's friend Addy wasn't too sure about it all but Hyrum jumped right in heading for this one first

Then next to this! He looks so small going down himself!

And in the end the first slide Addy ended up going on was this one. The biggest slide in the whole place and she LOVED IT. After awhile she warmed up to other slides.

This one ultimately became their favorite I think.

And here are the men behind the magic.

I lost count of how many times they tossed them up on that slide.

But I know Derek was sore the next day.

I was nursing a sinus headache so I didn't jump but I got to hold the babies when the other parents took their turns on the slides

I finally took the opportunity to take pictures of Noah with Rakelle, Addy's sister. Hyrum was born 3 months before Addison and Rakelle was born three months before Noah.

This was totally unsolicited. We put them side by side and she instinctively went to pat him on the head. :)

I think there is a new friendship forming.

All in all, despite my procrastination and disorganization the day was a lot of fun and Hyrum loved it too!

Happy third birthday Hyrum! We sure love you!!