While Noah slept

Hyrum and I decided to go do some chalk drawings outside. Hyrum got chalk on his face from his hands and it just got ridiculous from there.

He called me Momma paint and he was Hyrum paint.

I think I should have been called Momma crows feet. Or Momma long nose. :)

We did the Library's summer reading program with Hyrum for the first time. I was much more excited than he was when we started. I committed for him to read 30 minutes a day. It was tough at the beginning but he really got into it and really enjoyed reading so many different library books. He had his favorites and still quotes many of them. It was so fun to see him learning and loving to read. I hope I can keep it up until he can read on his own. And then there's Noah who doesn't get read to enough. The requirement was to read five days out of the week but we found that if we got out of the habit it fell a bit by the way side so we read every day. By the end Hyrum loved going to the library to get new books and get his prize for reading. He'd generally get a piece or two of candy and a coupon for something. He was really looking forward to the fries coupon. At the end of the reading program they had a pool party for anyone who read four weeks. After his new found love for water he was beyond excited for the POOL.

He tried out the splash pad

And swam around a bit

But what ultimately held his passion was

the slide.

He can't wait to go back. He didn't want to leave.

The library's reading program was a great segue into the chore chart.

His jobs are clear the table, clean up his toys, listen to mom and dad, brush his teeth and read every day. His reward is the Wii. The trump card.

We were going to the distribution center yesterday for something. An elderly man with a long white beard was coming out of the building and Hyrum saw him and said


I burst out laughing and the man looked at me funny. I said "Yeah Hyrum he does kinda look like him" Hyrum was relentless "He looks like Lorenzo Snow! Lorenzo Snow, mom! He's Lorenzo Snow!" On and on and on as I got he and Noah out of the car. I couldn't stop laughing On the way into the store he said "Do you think that was Lorenzo Snow, Mom?" To which I replied "Nope, Bud, I really don't think so." He was bummed, but I really don't think he ultimately believed me.

Who have YOU seen around town?

( Hyrum has been singing Latter Day Prophets a lot, so one day I got out the Gospel Art book and pointed to the pictures as we sang the names. Guess Lorenzo Snow is a favorite these days. It all started with Brigham Young which was probably sparked by BYU. He's making so many connections as of late...it's so fun)

I realized that I haven't done a post solely on Noah lately and he's been up to a lot. At the first of the month we decided to introduce Noah to some solids. I'm pretty sure he likes it.

You really can't tell in this video too well but he was just SCREAMING before we gave him food. If you look closely you can see tear marks on his cheeks. Any chance he could get he would grab the spoon and shove it in. We finally had to pin his arms below the tray to get anything done ourselves.

He's certainly a fan of eating.

He's also sitting quite well by himself although I have no pictures of that. But if he's laying down he will try to sit up ( or stand up ) to see what's going on. He can't quite figure out how that's done so he ends up doing power crunches.

Can you see the concentration? I swear this boy is going to have a six pack before he's two. It must have been all that red meat I ate in my last trimester trying to keep my iron levels up.

He's also been rolling. He recently has mastered a continuous roll so he's much better at getting to where he wants to be and getting into things.

For better or for worse. (Yes, that is a torn up Ensign magazine)