Derek's family was in town in September instead of October and to save them a trip a few weeks later we headed to the pumpkin patch earlier than normal.

It all started as it always does at Arctic Circle for square pumpkins

They got Halloween flashlights this time and they were a HIT!

They were even nice enough to give the boys teaser ice cream cones that were JUST right for our boys

Then we were off to Santaquin and the patch.  We hopped right on the hayride and off we went to find our pumpkins. This time by the light of the sun instead of the moon and iphone flashlight like last year.

When we got to the patch we were greeted with a fun new addition. A big slide.  They needed to work up the courage for that and opted to start with the maze. A classic.

It took a little doing to get them to try the slide but there was no going back after that.

They just headed right back for more.

Together this time
I happen to love that I caught that little boy in the foreground completely airborne
Then Eli tried it too

Hyrum decided to try the BIG slide

But he was smiling at the end

Even got Grandma to try it

Then NOAH went down the big slide, all by himself

That's little tiny Noah on that BIG slide!
But he still went back for more

We had to tear the boys away from it to get their pumpkins

But of course we stopped for the obligatory photo ops.

Let the Halloween season begin!!

The much anticipated ( by all involved) first taste of rice cereal was today for Elijah. We got him placed in the highchair with his bib and put the tray on which just about swallowed him up

He was giggling before he even got the first taste because his brothers who had been watching their own first taste of food videos and were so exited for Eli to try some.

Just like his brothers before him, he couldn't get enough!! He did have a bit of trouble with the tongue thrust thing at first but if he was able to suck on the spoon it was all good!

With every spoonful that made it's way to his mouth Eli just stared at the yellow line in the blue spoon handle

I thought it was kinda funny. We even thickened it up and he didn't mind at all.  Things are going to change now! A whole new world is opening up to his view. And he is SOOO Excited to be more grown up!