It all started officially on a crazy Saturday in May. Sure we'd had practices, which were SUPER fun.  But Saturday the 12th of May was the first game. We walked to the field as the game was underway we felt like we'd taken a big delicious bite of American pie. He sat at the end of the line up, since he was the last one there at that point.

When he got up to bat we spread out with video camera and digital camera poised for his first at bat in a game. He stood poised in his stance and hit the ball to the sounds of the roaring crowds.

And took off for first base. As he approached first base the coach waved him on to second. He got to second and another waved him on to third. There was confusion in the infield and the ball was still in play. Off he ran for third and as he reached third was waved on for the homestretch.  Tensions were high as he set his eyes for home and with a determined stance made his way there as coaches ran along side him waving him in to the cheers of the adoring crowd. An infield home run in his first at bat!

Really, in tee ball they just run through the line up, everyone advancing one base a hit until the last player at bat who runs the bases to end the inning. No points are made and no one gets out...ever.  But it was soo fun! Everybody ran for the ball when it was hit and there were many times brawls for the ball in the middle of the field.

Kids were randomly picked up and placed in different places on the field from time to time while playing defense because they wandered out of position. Kids running to bases holding on to the batting helmet because it was too big and other kids tossing the bat like the big leaguers and threatening the lives of fellow team mates. We had a few unnecessary sliders as well which was fun.

Hyrum played first base that first game which was fun because that's the position that Derek had played in baseball when he was a kid.  They had a Father/son moment

Derek instructing Hyrum on the ins and outs of the position.

Not even sure why but this picture is so funny to me.

After the first game came the parade!  So fun!  All the kids pile into the back of a pick up truck and just drive the parade route in their hats and shirts waving and shouting or singing.

Hyrum's team ( the pirates of course) wore eye patches and sang "Yo Ho, Yo ho! A pirates life for me!" And screamed "Arrg!" throughout the parade route.

I ran to the start of the parade route to get pictures and video and then raced to the end to catch them there. They were still singing and yelling at the end. I could tell this was going to be a GREAT season!!

And it was!!

At every game kids understood the game better. At every game less brawls would happen for the ball and balls were actually thrown to where they would possibly get out...when that becomes a part of the game. Every game kids got better at hitting the ball and once Hyrum who is really a lefty when it comes to hitting the ball hit righty and actually made contact and hit it quite well. He just might be a switch hitter. :)

Derek was there to every game helping the coach whenever and where ever he was needed. Only once did he get in traffic and miss most of it but he was absolutely there every step of the way.  I love having such an involved husband. He sometimes came dressed in button down shirts but he was there. Father son moments are my favorite.  Half the time he'd have Noah on his shoulders too, since he can never be left out of anything.

Our family got wrapped up in baseball. If it had to do with baseball we were all over it. Hyrum even tried to teach his tiny brother the love of the game.

But he might have to get a little bigger to really appreciate it. :)

At then, at the end came the trophy. Shiny and heroically stanced.

I'm a tee ball mom! And I LOVE IT!!

We had so much fun last year that we had to do it again. We began our Art City day celebrations with the children's parade. The day before we started into bike decorating. Hyrum was MUCH more involved and vocal about his bike decorations so I didn't have as much creative licence as I did last year. Noah was involved but he didn't have as many ideas so that was more interesting.

The day of the parade we got there right at starting time then had to unload and get ourselves together

So we picked up the parade at the end. Partly because Noah is fairly new to the whole bike thing and he takes his time.
Those little legs get tired since they can't quite reach the pedals so he walks it while he sits on it. Hyrum didn't have that restriction and left us in the dust
The boys started the parade together

But after the first straight away Noah was done with the bike.

Leaving me to pull it along the parade route...not comfortable to do with an infant on your chest.

One of the few times he actually sat on the bike again he noticed this

And was done with the parade altogether. I plead with him to get on the bike as he cried. And then I saw Hyrum wipe out on his bike a ways a head in the parade route. I was torn. I ended up attending to my younger one while keeping an eye on my older one who wasn't hurt (thanks to his "armor" ) and was being helped by an older gentleman walking in the parade as well. It is times like these that a mother needs the kindness of strangers.

The rest of the parade Hyrum would ride ahead then either ride back towards us or ditch the bike and walk towards us then go ahead again.

He really is fast on that bike. As long as he has those training wheels tight.

Then we had the snow cones ( they were fooled by the blue banana flavor and refused to finish it )

And they got their ribbons.

Proof that Elijah was here.

Then we headed to the park that Noah was denied playing at. (What kind of mother do you think I am)

They had a good time

Saturday we hit Art City days hard. We woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the balloon launch. And were treated to donuts and juice ( which the boys loved ) and watched the balloons fill with air.

I even convinced Hyrum to go up and feel the material.

One finally lifted off

We got some candy but not a ball to turn in for a prize. Hyrum was bummed but we promised him another chance when the next balloon took off.
Strange thing was that the next one didn't take off, in fact none of them took off. I guess there was a wind storm coming and didn't want to take the chance. At least we saw them inflate.

Maybe next year we'll have the complete experience.

On the way home we scouted out the best place to watch the grand parade. We found one place and even left our blanket there but upon running the parade route toward home we found another one...a BETTER one. 

Eli sat smiling at me while we sat in the shade and the other boys ran home for something.

He even napped while we waited for the parade to begin.

(Ahh the beauty of a baby who will take a pacifier.)

Can't tell you just how perfect this little spot was.

It was in the shade the whole time and there weren't many kids around so any candy coming our direction went right for my boys and it was near the beginning of the parade route so they were candy happy. :)

And not only that but we had a fantastic view of the Springville Museum of Art.

So, funny story that I've been meaning to record on this blog for some time. The mascot for Springville High School is the Red Devil (I know..right?) Now there is a lot of school pride around here and you can see the logo everywhere. This is what it looks like

Outside the local greenhouse they had a Red Devil plant hanger outside for sale.( It was either the first or second summer we were here)  As we pulled in Hyrum said "No cats allowed"  I was confused and was looking all around for a sign that said that no cats were allowed inside. I questioned him and he repeated "No cats allowed"  Then I realized that he was looking at the plant hanger with the logo on it. I can't see it without thinking "No cats allowed" now!

After the parade was over we piled into the car and headed home.  Almost no traffic either by the way.  We are definitely remembering that spot.

The couch proved too much for Derek

And Noah

It had been an early morning. But after we'd all had a rest we headed out to the fair.  We bought a good amount of tickets ( we thought) and set out for the rides. First up was this thing that I never know what to call. 

This was Noah's first year doing anything at the fair and he was all over it.

Next up was the Super Slide. A perennial favorite. Dad did the honors this year with Noah and Hyrum slid solo. Then they wanted to do the jeeps. 

Noah wasn't quite tall enough but since his brother was going to be with him they fudged on the height requirement and sat them in the back together

Noah loved it. So much so that he wanted to do it again for his next and final ride.  

Hyrum wanted to do the slide again instead so that left Noah to do it alone. He was undeterred and sat in his seat gripping the wheel as two other older boys jumped in the front seat and they got underway.

It only took one or two times around the track bouncing and sliding around in the back seat for Noah to be DONE!  He wailed the rest of the ride.  My heart ached to jump the fence and rescue him but there was nothing I could do.  The boys in front BLESS THEIR HEARTS were so worried about Noah.  They tried to talk to him and calm him but he was inconsolable. They looked at me pleading to tell them what to do. 

I will forever love those boys for being so concerned about Noah.  ( for weeks after whenever I saw boys that even looked like them I wanted to hug them)

After that our tickets were spent and we had to leave. We went to a little park just outside the fair grounds.  Noah was NOT happy. Despite his unfortunate final ride choice he was not done.  He sat with Dad on a bench at the edge of the playground gazing back at the fair.

Hyrum tried to convince him that the playground was fun

and ultimately he did get him to play a bit. (You can't tell it by any of these pictures but it was really windy)

Then of course Dad hits it out of the park with the swings and "out of control" underdogs. All's well that ends well.