So most of you know that we went to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year. I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since...highschool. Honestly I can only think of once that I've been home for Thanksgiving since highschool. We decided that since it was the last time we'd only have to pay for two tickets instead of three we'd go and since we were going to spend all that money we might as well make it worth our while and stay until Christmas. We toyed with the idea of all of us staying that long but it just wasn't going to work so we decided that Derek would go and come back for Christmas. We thought we'd make it a secret and since we're always surprising my parents we decided to keep it from my sisters instead.

We played it soo good. No one had a clue we were coming. We traveled across the country and got here to Michigan without much hassle (besides Derek calling into a team meeting in the Detroit airport- you don't realize how loud it is in there)

We only had to remain incognito for a day in a half before all would be revealed. I was up emailing on the computer trying to make sure my friends on facebook wouldn't write anything on my wall about us being in Michigan. All of a sudden a skype call starts ringing from my sister Nikki in Buffalo...I run out of the room and my dad answers the call. Then my mom comes up to me and asks "Did Derek put on his facebook that he's in Michigan?" Derek hearing the commotion was coming up the stairs. " You said that you were in Michigan on facebook?!?!?" Surprise!!!

Thanksgiving day came and early in the morning we get a call saying that my great great aunt (this is my GRANDMOTHER'S aunt) is in the hospital. Surprise!! So my mom is making all kinds of calls to different family members keeping them up to date while Hyrum scurries around her ankles I peel potatoes and Derek and my dad go to the hospital to give blessings as needed. I'm trying to keep Hyrum quiet but there are a few questions to which she gives her best excuses. As it turned out my great great aunt had had a heart attack and had to have a stintput in but was feeling much better when my dad saw her. She gave strict instructions to my dad to go to her house pick up the salad she promised for dinner and take it to our house. Meanwhile my sister Holly gets here for dinner. I have the video camera poised to record her reaction and digital camera in hand to get a picture as well. Surprise!!!

The picture really doesn't capture it. What was really classic was when I told her how long we were staying. It seriously took her 5 minutes for it all to sink in. She just kept saying "January 5th...January 5th?...January 5th...January 5th?...January 5th" CLASSIC!! Surprise!!!

Dinner was fabulous. Good food, good company, good everything. We all had our fill then we got down to hitting the ads and planning our route for the next morning. Traditionally the women pour over ads and the men watch football but we must have a different breed of men in our family these days because the men were pouring over ads too. Then my cousin Abigail came over with her beau who she introduced as her HUSBAND and announced they were expecting! Surprise!!! Does she look pregnant to you? Didn't think so either but she had the ultrasound pictures to prove it. A girl in March!

All in all a great start to the visit. More to catch up on soon...