We went up to the Warriors over the Wasatch Air show in Ogden about a hour and a half away from home to kick off Memorial Day weekend. They were anticipating possibly 500,000 people coming to it. We were going up with our friends the Mejias and we wanted to get good seats together so we wanted to be there when the gates opened at 8:00. That would mean an EARLY morning for us so we decided to make it an event and use some of Derek's points to get a hotel room up in Layton.

After dinner at Burger King, where we played musical kids taking each of them to the bathroom on separate emergencies, we left there for the rest of our trip later than we were planning. As we made our way along the Wasatch front Derek gasped remembering that he was going to bring some software to his cousin Kelly on the way up. I told him that it was in the car and we were right at the exit so we got off to bring it to him. When we called we discovered that it was a mini family reunion of sorts going on so we stayed and visited for a little while and the older boys played as the little one was passed around to meet his family. Sadly no pictures were taken.

As soon as we got into the hotel room Hyrum was stripping down to get his swimsuit on. I'd forgotten Noah's swim suit but remembered a swim diaper so he was rather scantily clad but he fit right in with the rest of the swimmers there. unfortunately.

I was a little nervous about swimming with three boys so I opted to just hang with Elijah poolside and have Derek get in the pool with the other boys and then he could send any wayward boys to me if he needed to.

Hyrum has been nervous about being in the pool without being held even with his life jacket on but this time he was all about doggy paddling around solo, which was good, considering. Noah of course had no fear of just jumping right in with his swimmies. ( we really out to get him something a little more secure at some point)

Both boys had a blast and Derek handled the two of them quite well, although I guess Noah fell in while running along side the pool once. I didn't see it but we need to teach that boy a little pool safety I suppose.

The next day bright and early we were off to the show. It was only going to be in the 50s that day with a chance of rain so we bundled up. We were on base about 15 minutes after they opened the gates and we had fairly close parking. After we found our seats, which were very good, all the the boys minus Eli went off to look at the stationary planes around the area.

(Apparently Hyrum needed to use the bathroom)

(It began to loose it's allure after awhile)
They had a lot of fun

They came back when the show started with all kinds of goodies; plastic planes, cars, stickers, posters of fighter jets and spaceships. So much fun.

The plastic planes were probably the favorites. As the real planes were doing their fly bys and dog fights there was a bit of dog fighting going on down on the blanket.

Have I mentioned how well these boys like to be with each other. I swear they are practically family.

As the show went on it started to sprinkle and then it would stop. We bundled the boys on the chair together to keep them warm.

Then it started again but this time instead of stopping it started to rain harder and the wind started to blow hard. We had two adult rain coats and one child's one so we had to get creative.

It was about this time Derek asked me at what point we call it. I told him I didn't know and he went looking for some hot chocolate to warm us up.

I figured Elijah was ok cozy in the car seat under the shade canopy despite the rain, until I saw pools of water forming on it. I knew that there was only so much water canvas could contain so I threw the front part of my raincoat over the stroller and stood there trying to block the wind and rain as it soaked my pants. Then came the thunder and the rain started coming down harder. I was ready to call it then but Derek was gone and I couldn't figure any way of getting all of my boys to shelter by myself. Then the announcer came on over the loud speaker and told everyone to take cover in the hangars they'd opened to the public since there was lightning in the area. That's when I started to panic a little. When Derek got back all I said was "Let's go"

So we did.

( This doesn't even capture the misery)

Derek and I were drenched and cold. We stripped our outer layers off, turned on the heat full blast and talked about big cups of hot cocoa all the way home. We heard when we got home that after a few hours they started the show again and finished it for the faithful crowd.

We were kind of sad to have missed it, it was a good time...until the rain...maybe we'll try it again in two years. But this year...we had to bug out.

Ever since Hyrum was named we thought it would be fun if when Hyrum was on sports teams or with his friends that they could call him Hy five. Yeah I know, I know. I'm cheesy. But we set out to find things with the number five on them. ( they are really hard to find as it turns out ) We found a few.

( Hyrum circa 2009)

This year was Hyrum's fifth birthday and i knew it needed to be special birthday...and it was. He decided that this year was to be his Star Wars birthday. A birthday party we are particularlyequip to throw. I set out to find killer Star Wars games that would be fun to a 5 year old yet not so elaborate that someone with a newborn could throw together in a week when we had help. We specifically did his party on Friday so my parents could be here to help and in the end it could NOT have been done without them. I would have had a nervous break down I promise.

When we were in the beginning phases of planning I was asking Hyrum who he wanted to come to his party and he said (being completely in LOVE with 'A New Hope' at the time) Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, C3P0 and R2D2. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they were not real but as the days went on and he told every last person he saw who was coming to his birthday party and talking to me nonstop and excitedly about who was coming to his party I had to break it to him that they were not only actors but were actually a lot older than when they made the movie. I showed him a picture of what Han Solo looks like now and he said "Why did he become a president?" (Thinking that he'd become a president of the church...who of course all have white hair...well I guess president Monson doesn't which kind of begs the question that never occurred to me until now.."How is that? Does he dye his hair?" Interesting) So I had to shatter his dreams of having the Star Wars heros at his party. But in my defense he didn't have many others on his list. I wanted to encourage real live friends. But I did manage to bring some of his imaginary friends to the party.

I had the itinerary all planned out...and printed...and taped to the wall. We started off watching the Padawan Menace while the party guests arrived.

Then when all were here we went out back for a little pit droid pizza and gaffe bread sticks. Then when everyone got done we got a visitor for our first game

Jango says (similar to Simon says in most respects)

Then after that they challenged themselves in the jedi training course which was an obstaclecourse in which they ran and made their way across the "lava" around the tree over the play set and in between the "asteroids" to the finish line. A piece of cake for all of them but gave them a chance to RUN.

Right before the guests arrived ( or maybe it was when they were eating dinner ) I found some Star Wars shoe size stickers that my amazing mother in law gave us ( a giant roll of them mind you ). I was struck with the brilliant idea to use them as accomplishment stickers that theyreceived after each challenge. Each accomplishment moving them toward their ultimate goal of becoming a "true jedi" It worked flawlessly, calming many a rowdy party guest.

Then came the moment they didn't even know they were waiting for. They got their lightsabers. We made them out of a section of PVC pipe and a dollar store pool noodle. Perfect! We let them brawl for awhile.

Then they got in pairs to do some lightsaber training. They and their partner had to keep a balloon aloft for as long as they could using only their lightsabers. After that they tested their skills with a "real" jedi master...a pinata, of course.

Since Hyrum's birthday is always around cinco de Mayo there are always pinatas on sale the week before his party so we always have a pinata...it's become tradition. Last year was easy since there are plenty of super hero pinatas...not as many Star Wars ones. Luckily I had my dad here who was up to the challenge of making superheros into jedi. Or as it turned out Diego ( of Go Diego Go fame ) into a jedi. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the before because the transformation was really dramatic. Here's a couple progress pictures.

We put the jedi on a long painters pole to bounce it around with. And we used the lightsabers which I totally didn't think would work to break it. But they worked quite well actually.

We were doing so well. There had been no tears shed during the party. Due in part to there being no prizes. Everyone won. The stickers... genius I tell you. No tears that is until the pinata.
Like I've said before. It's not a party at our house until someone throws a fit. Well someone knocked some candy out and Hyrum didn't get any...cue the fit.

So Derek, the master, came after they each had a few trys at whacking it and told them that it was a test of a true jedi to see if they would wait on the line while he hit all the candy out of it (milky ways, starbursts and mint pattys, which I think look like tiny deathstars - I'm a sucker for a theme) until he said that they could get the candy.

I was completely impressed when not a single boy moved from the line to get the candy. It may have something to do with the fact that Derek threatened them with not getting any candy at all if they moved. In the end they all got candy and were happy.

Then they all got the chance to destroy the death star. My dad had drawn two death stars on the driveway and the boys were divided into squadrons and brought to the front and each given a blaster ( water gun ) and then they were to try to destroy ( erase ) the death star with their blasters until they ran out of ammunition.

Then when everyone was done they all went to get a torpedo ( water balloon ) and then on the count of three they were to "shoot" their torpedos at the death star.

Everyone had a blast with this and we played this game at our house again and again for days and even weeks after. A true sign of a good game. We've also found ourselves playing Jango says from time to time as well.

Then there was cake and another "friend" joined the party

( That would be Luke Skywalker who joined the party)

We never got to gifts when the guests were here. We just ran out of time. We did them after and took pictures to go in thank you notes. The gift from us had to be a presentation.

A two wheel bike. He was excited but was much more interested in opening and playing with the TOYS he'd gotten. We prevailed upon him to get on the bike but there wasn't that much excitement

That is until he put on Mema and Papa's gift.

He calls it armor and it has been completely essential to his riding a two wheeled bike, even with training wheels. He absolutely loves his bike and armor.

Happy birthday Hy five. We can't believe it's only been five years since you've been here, we can't remember what life was like without you yet we can't believe you've grown up so fast. We love you!

Monday was my first day on my own with the three boys. Noah walked into our room around 8 am all smiles and asked where Daddy was. I told him that he was at work. He dropped his head and burst into tears. Those were my exact feelings as well. The rest of the morning was an adventure in tiredness.

Hyrum started taking pictures of Noah at the breakfast table. I was too tired to stop him.

These aren't even half of the pictures of Noah Hyrum took that morning. He soon found other inspiration on the table.

He took a few pictures of me which I QUICKLY erased horrified but later in the day when he found yet more photographic inspiration ( namely his feet) he caught a few more of me that were acceptable

Do you see in that last picture? Proof that I picked something up that day. Proof that I did SOMETHING.

As I went through Hyrum's pictures I realized that he documented my first day alone with the pivotal third child addition and rather regretted erasing the horrible pictures Hyrum took of me. They were authentic and real and very indicative of how I felt. Someday I'd look back and laugh. I tried to get another picture of my state of being and while they have a flavor the weren't as good (or as horrible) as the originals.

Have you ever seen yourself tired...that kind of tired? It's not a pretty picture to be sure. You always imagine yourself elegantly or dramatically tired or at least sweetly tired. Not ugly mean tired.


I actually really liked a couple of the pictures he took. Very artsy.

And lastly proof that the boys made it through the day alive.

But not without a few tears.
For both of us.