Love Field Day! Don't you remember Field Day as a kid?  There was just a change in the air that day. To spend the whole day outside running and jumping and competing. I remember getting hot lunch (of hot dogs!) that day which was something I never did so it made it extra special. So this year when they needed volunteers to run Field Day for the kindergarten (and I was responsible to get volunteers as well) I jumped at the chance and so did my sweet husband.

I got there with Noah and Eli in tow. Noah running around and Eli on my back. It was nearly 90 degrees that day and we were outside. It was hot!! We were in charge of a jump rope and hula hoop area.

We had them spin the hula hoop on its side,

 or try to actually hula hoop, run around it. jump in and out of it, crawl through them and roll them.  We had them roll them around the little kindergarten play area in a race.

Noah was right there doing it too.

We did things with jump ropes too jumping, walking on them and making letters with them. I even showed them how to do a little chinese jump rope (in, out, side, side, on, in , out anybody?)

Derek had been assigned to an indoor job helping kids to color bookmarks. The woman who was in with him offered to let me go in with him but Noah wanted to be outside so outside we stayed.  With every group that filed through he participated in every activity and took his turn at the drinking fountain.  I was impressed. Noah has typically wanted to do his own things and hasn't really wanted to do things in the group but today he was all about being a part of the group.  Poor Eli was just hot!!

I tried to keep him in the shade while he sat in the backpack and sat him just inside the doors of the air conditioned classroom as much as I could.

After it was all over, ( Noah and Eli spent the last 20 minutes inside with dad) the kids all were treated to a popcicle. And we got the old mommy preschool crew back together under the tree ( minus Spencer)

Good memories!! :)

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