For the last day of kindergarten they perform a show for all of the parents highlighting the things they learned about every month of the school year. Derek worked from home and took a half day to be there and experience the magic.

Eli was excited too

Here's a little flavor

It was super cute! At one point Mrs. Tanner talked about how she was going to miss them and I got teary as did she. It really was the end. Here's another flavor of one of my favorite songs they sang. "Everything I learned I learned in kindergarten."

As you might notice, Noah needed some attention.

After the performance was a reception in the classroom with cookies. We coerced Hyrum into taking a picture with his teacher.

He just wanted to go home. When we got home and I tried to stage last day of school pictures. Hyrum was being silly, walking up the sidewalk bent over.

As he walked up the sidewalk he saw a school bus that slowed down in front of our house.

And the school bus driver threw out two little bags of Skittles for the boys!

They were THRILLED!! What a last day of Kindergarten!

Sweet taste of success.

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