When we took Rebecca to Provo it was with the promise that we would hike again. And we did. But we decided to tackle a longer hike this time. Instead of a half mile trail we were going to do a 4 mile trail. Perhaps we were too ambitious.

We loaded up with water, snacks, backpack, jackets and after picking up Rebecca  headed out on the trail. We had backpacks on anyone that could carry one to disperse the weight around.

There was still a few patches of mud and snow which made it a little treacherous especially when it was at a steep incline.

But most of the trail was clear but the boys both decided they needed walking sticks anyway

We did a lot of waiting along the trail for Noah to catch up. He had his own pace.

Finally Rebecca who had a date/music appreciation assignment concert to make it too took matters into her own hands and carried Noah to the falls.

We made much better time after that.

At the falls we dug into our snacks and enjoyed the view.

Then the boys did a little exploring and got a closer view of the falls.

Yes, Noah always has something on his face.

The homeward trek was much faster as we learned that Noah's pace wasn't sufficient for our time schedule. Hyrum who was mostly sure footed tripped over a rock despite his walking stick and had to be carried too.

I told Derek that I could carry Hyrum and my backpack but he needed to be a hero.

Despite the pace and needing to carry boys from time to time it was super fun and something we'll do again...but maybe when they're older.

Until then...May the 4th be with you

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